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Chipliner Curtainside

Generally chipliner curtains are designed for customers looking to carry wood chippings, sawdust or loose peat.  These are loaded in from the rollover cover on the curtainsider and cause an excessive amount of pressure on the load bearing curtain, due to this pressure a Cunningham classic curtainside isn’t enough so we always recommend the chipliner solution.

Yara Chipliner Curtainside

Chipliner curtains have several differences but one important modification is the distance between each buckle which is 12” apart.  Having the buckles this close together keeps the likes of loose bark and woodchippings inside the trailer and can deal with the huge pressure it is under.

We also put extra horizontal belts to withstand the extra pressure that the wood chippings or sawdust put the curtain under. This combined with the buckles being closer together really makes the chipliner curtain the ultimate choice for carrying loose loads.

Yara Chipliner Curtainside


  • Withstands pressure from large loads
  • Payload of 28000kg
  • Extra buckles
  • Extra horizontal belts

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  • Chipliner Curtainside
  • Chipliner Curtainside

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